Simply put, diet is what we eat. And it gets a great deal of attention. It is a simple truth that you cannot out-train a bad diet. You can train 7 days a week but if your eating is wrong, you will not see the results you expect and unwanted weight will cling to you.

I understand the challenges very well being someone who has to constantly pay attention to what they eat. I have to watch what I eat like a hawk as I put on weight easily but it comes off very slowly. But after trying almost everything there are some inescapable truths that I have found to be true for me, and I believe they will apply to you.

  • Changing eating habits is extremely difficult – harder than anything in many ways as you cannot quit all food.
  • We all need to eat fresh fruit and vegetables as the main or whole part of our diet, every day and at every meal
  • It is almost impossible to over-consume calories by eating vegetables
  • Calories do matter
  • Carbohydrates are essential despite what you may have heard
  • Protein deficiency is unheard of in the developed world – you do not need “lots of protein”
  • Fat is not all bad, but you need very, very little of it
  • Intermittent fasting is not just a fad, it is useful and works for many
  • Keto is not a sustainable long-term diet
  • You do not need to buy loads of supplements – you may need micro or macro-nutrients but you can always supplement by eating the correct foods
  • Eating for bodybuilders is different – their rules do not apply to anyone else though
  • Eating once or twice a day can be beneficial for most people (maybe not for bodybuilders though)

Hands up, I am a plant-based or vegan eater. I have eaten exclusively plant based foods for 4 years and have no interest in eating animal products any longer. My health has soared but being plant-based or vegan alone will not make you thinner or healthier as there is plenty of junk food out there. I have tried everything from Atkins to Paleo to Keto to Plant-based. I know when I feel better in myself. I have also stopped drinking any alcohol and that has also had massive benefits. I recommend regular blood work to support lifestyle changes and always recommend you chat to your doctor about changes to diet and lifestyle – having said that, I have never had a client speak to their doctor and be told NOT to improve their diet or exercise more. I am not going to tell you what to do though; I am simply your guide and navigator and will help you to the right way for you.