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In this changed world we find ourselves in, many things are changing. How we socialise, how we work, how we look after our health and fitness. One changed area is how we approach fitness and our own training. During lockdown, fitness equipment became a rare asset and the price of all equipment soared as kit became harder and harder to find.

Even now, in September, prices remain high. But while some gyms have re-opened, they are not the busy places that they used to be and many more of us have elected to keep training at home. There is the missing social aspect, but there are things that are harder to miss, like sharing equipment that might not be clean, dubious changing facilities and queuing to use the equipment you want to use.

A new way is emerging, a way which I call facilitated training. This is a change that impacts those training and fitness instructors and trainers. As a trainer, I have had to get used to training individuals and small groups on Zoom and I will keep online training as a tool into the future. Zoom will allow me to create hybrid classes where some participants are in the studio and some are online. It widens the scope of the trainer and provides new opportunities for training.

I can’t imagine running very large classes though because it’s too hard to properly supervise those training. But smaller group training has a great future and facilitating people’s training using their own equipment is definitely an interesting area.

I look forward to this new way of training and supporting those that want to get fitter, stronger and own their health. There are many opportunities in this new world and some will be for the better.