about me

As a teenager, I rowed in boats, trained in the gym and practiced karate six days a week. I was incredibly interested in how the body worked and at an early age tried out qigong and kung fu. I tried various styles of yoga along the way.

And then for about 20 years, career and family intervened leaving me in my early 40s feeling burned out mentally and emotionally and very out of touch with my physical body.

I restarted martial arts, dabbled in yoga and retrained as an advanced personal trainer and instructor in a kung fu based martial art. As I have gained more years experience, I have been increasingly drawn to mobility and energy work becoming a gong practitioner, daoist flow yoga teacher and leader of qigong classes and workshops.

Passing on what I have learned, especially to those who have struggled to always prioritise their own health needs, physically, mentally and emotionally, is my mission. I want to share what has helped me with others and it’s been my privilege to have been able to do this since 2009. I have worked with many people over that time frame and hope to help many more.

My journey is about continual learning – I am for ever a student. As a practitioner and coach, I am simply sharing what I have learned from those that taught me. I continue to learn and am grateful to the inspirational people that have and continue to inform my journey.





  • 3rd degree black belt Sifu & certified instructor


  • Advanced Personal Trainer (FitPro member)


Kung Fu & Tai Chi

Yoga & Qi Gong

Gongs & Sound Therapy