daoist flow yoga & qigong

Classes for beginners in yoga or qigong will start in November 2023. The yoga classes I offer combine gentle vinyasa yoga, somatics and qigong techniques and are very accessible for those with little or no previous experience.

I will also be offering qigong classes and workshops (without the yoga element) for those that want to access this amazing energy practice for the first time in a simple and friendly way. Qigong has underpinned my martial arts practice for the past 20 years, but in these classes I will be leaving the martial elements behind and just focusing on the wonderful experience that comes from managing the energy which we all have inside. I invite you to try this out with a free taster session. To do this please use the contact form and select “qigong” and I will put you on the list for a free taster session and will invite you to attend as soon as this location and start date is confirmed.

Classes will start in early November at The Harpenden Trust Centre & Halls in Southdown, Harpenden. I would be very pleased to hear from you if you are interested in these classes and want to be kept up to date with when and where they are likely to start. Please use the WhatsApp button if you’d like to chat about what I can offer you. To be kept up to date about classes, please click here