residential care home gong baths

Residential care home gong baths can be very calming, bringing about relaxation and happiness amongst the participants. There is also a place for gong baths in residential units for sheltered accomodation bringing all of the shared benefits.

Many of those who experience a gong bath feel more relaxed and centred, less agitated and more calmed. It can be a very soothing event and one that can help many with sleep and relaxation as the sound vibrations act like a massage, yet with no physical contact. The amazing thing about a gong bath is how perfect hearing is NOT a pre-requisite as the sound vibrations from the gong are felt and are present throughout the entire body, in fact we always recommend removal of hearing aids for the duration of the gong bath. Often gong baths are done for participants who are lying on the ground on mats. In a facility where this is difficult, using seats is possible; as long as the participants are comfortable and warm they will benefit from the experience.

In a place where repetition is the order of the day, having new events to look forward to is vital for the mental health of residents and a gong bath requires little of them beyond listening to the sounds and reaping the benefits. A gong bath could be a regular event funded either by the home itself or the residents. The variety of sounds can act as memory triggers as well as providing a soothing massage so may be helpful for those with memory related disorders such as dementia.

If you feel that residential care home gong baths are something that you would like to explore in your facility, please get in touch via the green WhatsApp button on this page or by emailing me at flow(at)