workplace wellbeing

More and more enlightened employers value and support their workforce. A workplace gong bath for your team can be a fantastic way to show your people that you care about them and their personal wellbeing. Some of the reasons to provide one for a group of your team members might include the following:

  • stress management – particularly for those members of staff that have to deal with a challenging or time-pressured role
  • group training – it can be a great way to bring a team together during a training day. It places no demands on the team members
  • rejuvenation – to reward periods of hard work or successful achievement

Many companies and organisations need to provide all of these attributes to staff. A gong bath can be a very effective way to provide all these elements to groups, from a smaller two to three person group to a larger group of fifty plus.

It’s easy to arrange a gong bath in your location or at a training venue. If space is an issue, a series of smaller events can be scheduled in the same space allowing team members to book in across the day. On the day, I bring all the sound equipment needed for your gong bath which includes a range of instruments. All you need to provide is mats, cushions and blankets for team members to lie on. These can often be organised with the venue or through me. The room should ideally be in a quiet place, be able to have low-lighting and also be a comfortable temperature and free from interruptions for the duration of the gong bath(s).

Get in touch via whatsapp or by email to flow(@) to discuss your workplace wellbeing requirements. And do look at our instagram page for inspiration. I also offer Qigong workshops to facilitate wellbeing.