Gong baths have some contraindications so it is good to talk in advance if you have any of the complications in the list below. It doesn’t mean that a gong bath cannot happen for you, but there may be things to be aware of or adjustments that I will have to make for you. So do get in touch if any of these apply to you.

  • pregnancy (especially first trimester)
  • metal implants such as for fixing broken bones
  • pacemaker
  • sound sensitivity
  • epilepsy
  • tinnitus
  • severe mental health conditions

In addition to having a conversation in advance regarding any of the above, I strongly recommend avoiding alcohol before the session as it tends to reduce the quality of the experience.

Also, if you have bought a ticket for a gong bath and then pass it to somebody else, please make sure they are aware of the above information.

Thanks for reading!