personal sound therapy

Sound, including the use of gongs, tibetan bowls, chimes, shakers, rain sticks, rattles and other instruments can have a very therapeutic benefit when we take time to let it do its work. So much healing of ourselves happens when we remove the obstructions affecting our body’s innate ability to heal itself. A sound therapy session is part of the journey that enables us to help our body relax, restore and renew itself through attentive self care.

I offer personal sound therapy sessions in my sound healing studio in Redbourn. There is space to park, time to relax and reflect on your personal needs and I offer a tea, coffee or herbal tea to conclude your session as you take your time to return to the everyday world. In the main sound session I will use some or all of the instruments I have according to what intended outcome we are aiming for whether that be energising, deep relaxation or grounding. During a typical session there will be use of one or more gongs as these instruments are very powerful at helping the brain move into a meditative state that enhances our self-healing abilities. I provide a mat, blankets and cushions to set up in a comfortable way so the benefit of your session is maximised. I recommend you bring your favourite cosy socks too and an eyemask as well if you like to use these. Incense or essential oils are available to accompany your session if you enjoy these aromas, but the choice remains yours.

Contact me to discuss your needs and I will do my best to accommodate your requirements. Your journey to feeling truly vibrant and truly well will always start with some proper self care.

Sessions typically last 45 or 60 minutes and cost £47.50 or £60 accordingly. Contact we via the WhatsApp button on this page or simply book into an available slot (I typically open bookings for the 2 weeks ahead)