Jado Kuin Do, martial arts Harpenden

The Jado Kuin Do martial arts Harpenden club has run for over 10 years. The instructors are Sifu Mark Owen-Ward (3rd degree) and Laurie Owen-Ward (2nd degree). Jado is a British martial art based on kung fu and was created by Master Jake Ogden of the World Jado Organisation. There are 28 different Jado clubs running across 6 counties in England (Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire and Warwickshire).

The club is very friendly and we welcome everyone. Try us out with a free taster session. Jado provides a pathway to fitness, strength, balance and coordination that you might not have considered before; it’s excellent for developing confidence in both children and adults. We are Safeguarding Code approved and our instructors are DBS registered.  

martial arts harpenden class timetable

Classes run at The Harpenden Trust Halls at 130a Southdown Road (above the Co-op in Southdown) on Monday evenings throughout the year as follows:

6pm – Confident Kidz (aged 5/6 upwards)

7pm – Advanced training (Junior black belt -> 3rd degree black belt)

8pm – Adults & teens (age c14 upwards)


A typical class includes a range of training including stance work, practice of basic techniques in lines and with partners, walking techniques, patterns and light contact sparring. Sparring takes place with approved protective equipment which students start using soon after starting, typically after 12 weeks basic training.

In the adults class, there is more partner work including pad work and some general fitness training. In higher level advanced training, sets and forms become more important with eventual use of a wooden dummy in class and at home for practice.

The taster session principle allows a potential student to watch what happens and take part so they have an idea of what training might be like – it’s the best way to find out if Jado is for you, whether child, teen or adult! Click the button at the top of this page to book your free taster session with Jado Kuin Do martial arts Harpenden or have a chat using the green WhatsApp button.